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Welcome to the friendliest digital agency in the world's friendliest city. Welcome to Webmatch!

Webmatch is an independent digital and performance specialist for national and international brands, companies and groups. We design and develop exclusive digital solutions that are far removed from standard solutions. Our team of almost 40 employees at present has a forward-looking approach and lots of passion for their work. Fortunately, we also make money with what we do. Webmatch has been around for well over 10 years, which shows that we do our job pretty well!

We have a very open corporate culture that is very focused on ensuring job satisfaction for our employees. We do everything that makes sense for us as a team or a company. At our company, each employee finds their own perfect niche.

Our top priority is to be an exceptionally good employer. It is incredibly important to us that we enjoy our work. After all, we spend a lot of time here together.

Why us?

  • We have a very open corporate culture that is very focused on ensuring job satisfaction for our employees
  • We do everything that makes sense for us as a team or a company
  • At our company, each employee finds their own perfect niche
  • Our top priority is to be an exceptionally good employer
  • It is incredibly important to us that we enjoy our work
  • After all, we spend a lot of time here together

For a good reason

For a good reason

Our main office is located in the heart of Cologne. Thanks to our central location you can enjoy all the advantages the city has to offer. Cologne is known as a cosmopolitan and laid-back city. You won't feel alone in Cologne. You'll notice how friendly people are wherever you go – in the supermarket, in the cinema or on public transport.

And we'll also make sure that you're not alone and will do our very best to support you so you quickly feel at home. You don't need to speak German. We speak English to the best of our ability. That's all you need with us. Of course, we'll also help you to find an apartment and support you in dealing with administrative formalities.

12 good reasons to work with us

We love our job. Together we create exceptional and individual solutions for our customers.
We are an experienced team of experts from very diverse fields. The quality of our work convinces big companies and brands.
We are digital and this is evident in everything we do. Technical complexity and tools are our hobbyhorse. And we like to raise the bar a little higher.
Just do it. As an employee you take responsibility for your topics and projects.
We have a culture of partnership. With us, the best people get in the ring to make decisions, not the most powerful.
There's no "I" in team. We challenge and support each other.
Our industry is agile and so are we. We don't spend a long time talking about advanced training, we just do it.
Only shared knowledge is good knowledge. We regularly satisfy our thirst for knowledge, not only on Fridays.
The needs of every individual are as diverse as our team. We offer functioning and flexible working models.
Everything to make the working day better: Water, coffee, barbecue, fruit, sweets, agency dog.
Right in the centre of Cologne. Inspiring surroundings, plenty of places for lunch, perfect car and train connections.
We are also motivated when it comes to sports and subsidise membership of the Urban Sports Club.
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What makes Cologne
such a good place to live?

In Cologne, new residents are affectionately called "Immis". This term refers to everyone not born and raised in Cologne. Regardless of whether you've lived in the city for years or are an "Immi" – there aren't many places you'll find such an open culture. At the station, the pub or a kiosk – you'll meet nice people wherever you go. People from Cologne are very friendly, tolerant and open-minded. They love life and their city.

Cologne is known for its cosmopolitan way of life. In Cologne, it's easy to start a conversation with someone and you'll have no problem getting by in English.

Cologne is incredibly multi-faceted and has different districts to suit the different people. And Cologne is popular! This means that you will not be the only person looking for a dream apartment in Cologne. The more flexible you are starting your new life in Cologne, the easier it will be to find accommodation. We are a team and we will use our large private network to actively support you in finding a place to live.

In Cologne people like to drink beer called Kölsch. This local beer speciality is served in small thin glasses. You'll find it on literally every corner in Cologne. Kölsch is the beer of choice for people from Cologne. But if you look more closely, you will also find lots of other national and international beer brands, for example at the city's numerous kiosks.

Cologne is surrounded by what is known as the "Cologne Bay". But this isn't a bay to swim in; rather, it's a special meteorological feature which means that Cologne gets more sunshine than many other places in Germany. And as we all know, the sun makes you feel good.

How do we get to know each other?

We deliberately don't use the term "application process". After all, it's more about getting to know each other. We don't just want to find out whether you fit in with us; you also want to find out whether we are a good fit for you.

The attached diagram gives you an impression of the steps we take to get to know each other:

You want to find out more about us?

Send us your CV, the link to your GitHub or one of your business profiles, or simply send your contact details.

Get to know us

The first impression was great. But of course there are still lots of questions. What is the agency like, how's the coffee there and who would my new colleagues be? That's why our second appointment will be a personal meeting in our offices.

We'll get in touch

We'll contact you to make an appointment for a first meeting. We're happy to decide together with you whether this will take the form of a phone call or a Skype call.

Welcome to the team

You convinced us and you could see us as your future employer? Then an attractive contract awaits you!
Your start with

Moving to Germany

Visa, accommodation search and administrative formalities? We'll help you to get settled in Germany and assist you with the necessary administrative processes.

Cologne is a feeling

Yes! You've arrived in Germany and started your new job. High time to start exploring your new home. We help you with the best insider tips so Cologne quickly becomes your new favourite city.


During your first weeks in our agency, you will have a buddy at your side who will help you to become acquainted with Webmatch. In addition to the professional induction, your buddy will assist you with all questions concerning the daily routine in the agency.

And in the long term?

We want to challenge and support you. Together, we define individual development measures – measures that really make sense and are not determined by budgetary constraints.